Founded in 1996, Jagwears is a registered subsidiary of the VIP Group that now serves to be one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of motorbike garments and leather fashion products all around Pakistan. Based in Sialkot, Jagwears is carrying forward the group’s 25-year-old legacy with the goal of offering authentic leather-made products that are chic, trendy and remain durable for a long period of time. Furthermore, as the group overall believes in assuring excellence and quality with the help of modern-day technology, the company is operating on similar philosophy which ensures producing high-quality products – irrespective of how big or small the order is. Jagwears has achieved immense success as a retail and eCommerce brand and is now the go-to choice for many. Every single item in our catalog is first designed by a team of extremely professional and experienced fashion designers who invest their heart and soul into every design. This again is followed by picking up the best raw materials for polyester jackets, processing the leather skins as per the global standards, and then manufacturing them with the most advanced machinery. Hence, the end result is always a jacket that you will simply love! All in all, as excellence is achieved through utmost professionalism; Jagwear promises to deliver quality and class while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with you!